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Best Websites
Trump & Ideology Study


Slightly out of date but nifty
Searchable database of books 
about right-wing reality

by critics, scholars, and participants —-
Developed for the Political Research Associates library

Chip Berlet’s
Reading List: ‘Trump, Populism, and White Nationalism

on the WorldCat website. These are the books I frequently refer to when researching right-wing politics in the US. I am working on smaller topical lists as requested by you pests.

Best Websites for Researching & Challenging Right-Wing Movements

Political Research Associates

Since 1981, the Premiere Progressive Website for Studying
Right-Wing Movements and Institutions
Home Page
Public Eye Magazine

The Center for Media and Democracy

Read Stories Exposed by Using Investigative Journalism
Major Focus Sections
Special Investigative Projects

Koch exposed (Koch Brothers & Koch Industries)
ALEC exposed (American Legislative Council
SPN exposed (State Policy Network)
Trump Exposed

Major Sections

Business Chambers (US Chamber of Commerce)

Right Web:

Tracking militarists’ efforts to influence U.S. foreign policy








GroupWatch Archive


Scholar Bob Altemeyer

Donald Trump and Authoritarian Followers

Authoritarianism & the Tea Party Movement

People for the American Way:
Right-Wing Watch

Invaluable Collection of Lists of Right-Wing
Organizations  –  People  –  Topics  –  Reports

American United for Separation of Church and State

Southern Poverty Law Center
Most extensive and reliable information on the
Ultra-Right, especially White Supremacists, Misogynists, Antisemites, Islamophobes, and Homophobes

Center for Right-Wing Studies
University of California at Berkeley has a huge physical archive

Right-Wing Populism in America

Online excerpts and many expanded resources from the book by Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons  that predicted the Tea Party and Trump

Small Populism Chart

Click to Enlarge this nifty chart on
Right-Wing Populism and the “Producerist” Narrative”

Essays and Studies

Major Introductory Overview:

The Ideological Roots of the Republican Party and its Shift to the Right
in the 2016 Election

To successfully counter Trumpism, progressive organizers and organizations need to expose the ideologies behind the Trump campaign, and also show how they are rooted in
“mainstream” US society.

White Nationalism
Christian Nationalism

This study is by Alex DiBranco and Chip Berlet who are busy writing a chapter on this for Routledge Press,
so please respect the copyright.

Coming Soon:

  • Rugged Individualism  {in the queue}
  • Aggressive Militarism
  • Planetary Resource Exploitation

White Nationalism, Right-Wing Populism, and Fascism

A slideshow originally created for Showing  Up for Racial Justice by Chip Berlet – May 16, 2017
This link takes you to a slightly revised version
based on feedback from a panel of experts.


Eclectic List of Progressive Authors Studying the Right
(in formation – please be patient)

Selected List of Authors Studying the Political Right

Chip Berlet
Russ Bellant
Kathleen Blee
Devin Burghart
Fred Clarkson
James Danky
Sara Diamond
Abby Ferber
Jean Hardisty
Jerome Himmelstein
Surina Khan
Linda Kintz
Burt Klandermans
Phillip Lamy
Daniel Levitas
Michael Novick
Al Ross
Loretta Ross
Mark Rupert
Holly Sklar
Eric Ward
Leonard Zeskind



At Organizing Upgrade

Research for Progress

Chip Berlet’s Blogsite

     Trump, Populist Rhetoric, and Fascism (pre-election)
Charts & Diagrams


Training Guide Track

Under Construction by Strelnicov & Friends at
Research for Progress

Resources for Defending
Democracy and Human Rights

The FAQ Files:
The Truth is Filed Here

What are the Different Sectors of the US Right?
A Chart from Political Research Associates

Under Construction  and {in the queue}

Armed Citizens Militias
“Cultural Marxism”
Right-Wing Populism
As  a precursor feature of Fascism
— Core elements
——Producerist White Nationalism
——Demonization & Scapegoating
——Apocalyptic Narratives & Millennial Visions
—The Sucker Punch of Right-Wing Populism
Right-Wing Movements & Groups
Key Institutions and Think Tanks
Cato Institute
Heritage Foundation
—Patriot Movement
——Tea Party Movement
——John Birch Society
——Oath Keepers *
——Sovereign Citizens *
—Conspiracism on the Right
——Key Targets
———Saul Alinsky
———Democrats & Liberals
———LGBTQ Community
———Obama linked to Hitler & Stalin
———Voter Fraud
———Welfare Recipients
Tools of Fear
White Nationalism
—as Ideology
—White Supremacy *
——as Ideology
——as Organized Movement *
———Ku Klux Klan Groups*
———NeoNazi Movements *

*Often intersecting with Ultra-Right
***Part of the Ultra-Right