Copy Editing for Progressives

Copy editors rely on style manuals for consistency, but many of these resources have outdated rules for terminology relating to race, gender, class, ability and other matters.

On this page there are links to more appropriate and sensitive stylistic advice.

Current changes being used by many progressives:

Use “antisemitism” not “anti-semitism.”

Use “Black” not “black” when referring to people
Use “White” not “white” when referring to people

We start with resources from the American Psychological Association:

Reducing Bias by Topic

General Guidelines for Reducing Bias

3.12 Gender

3.13 Sexual Orientation

3.15 Disabilities

A Little Respect – February 09, 2012
by Stefanie at APA

APA style guru Timothy McAdoo notes:

Use “non-White” rather than “non-white.”
“You can see an example of this use on page 75 in the Publication Manual. See also the general guideline on page 100, in Table 4.3 (use hyphens for compounds in which the base word is capitalized, e.g., ‘pro-Freudian’).”

See this discussion at the Columbia Journalism Review:

Diversity Style Guide