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Glossary of Terms

Strategic Rhetoric for Progressives


Glossary of Terms

Housed at the Social Movement Study Network website
and and edited by scholars

An example:
Systems of oppression: Forms of oppression that have become embedded in social systems, structures, and institutions in a society.
— See Racial oppression, Gender oppression, and Class oppression.
— See also: Institutional racism, Institutional sexism, Institutional homophobia, Institutional classism, Institutional xenophobia

Strategic Rhetoric for Progressives

Avoid “Violent Radicalization”
—WHY? “Radicalization” deals with the relative position of ideas and ideologies while “Violence” is an act. Thus the term “Violent Radicalization” undermines First Amendment guarantees of free speech, and masks the wave of surveillance and political repression being carried out by US government. Avoid using the term “Radicalization” in a pejorative sense in the current political climate.
Avoid “Extremism” Replace with (The Target) and (The Act or Methodology)
—Examples: Racist Terror, Sexist Rhetoric, Islamophobic Articles, Antisemitic Posts. Homophobic Assault, Stigmatizing the Disabled, Stereotyping Mexicans
—WHY? “Extremism” is a term used to deligitimize any ideas outside the political Center; and to suggest systems of oppression are something we all do not need to confront.
Avoid “Hate Crimes” Replace with “Bias Crimes” or “Ethnoviolence.”
—WHY? Because most of us tend to think those people that “hate” are not like us, and so we do not confront our own–often unconscious–complicity in existing systems of oppression.

How Trump uses the rhetorical Tools of Fear:
Systems of oppression in the United States are fueled by Prejudice, Bigotry,  Supremacism, and Ethnonationalism which create fear and anxiety about losing power and privilege in a society under stress

How does Trump’s rhetoric of “Scripted Violence” work?

Best Websites for Researching & Challenging Right-Wing Movements

Since 1981
Political Research Associates
The Premiere Progressive Website for Studying
Right-Wing Movements and Institutions
Home Page
Public Eye Magazine

Read Stories Exposed by
The Center for Media and Democracy
Using Investigative Journalism

Major Focus Sections

Special Investigative Projects

Koch exposed (Koch Brothers & Koch Industries)
ALEC exposed (American Legislative Council
SPN exposed (State Policy Network)
Trump Exposed

Major Sections

Business Chambers (US Chamber of Commerce)

Right Web:
Tracking militarists’ efforts to influence U.S. foreign policy

Scholar Bob Altemeyer
Donald Trump and Authoritarian Followers
Authoritarianism & the Tea Party Movement

People for the American Way: Right-Wing Watch

Invaluable Collection of Lists of Right-Wing:
Organizations  –  People  –  Topics  –  Reports

American United for Separation of Church and State

Southern Poverty Law Center
Most extensive and reliable information on the
Ultra-Right, especially White Supremacists, Misogynists, Antisemites, Islamophobes, and Homophobes

Center for Right-Wing Studies

The University of California at Berkeley has a huge physical archive

Right-Wing Populism in America

Online excerpts and many expanded resources from
the book by Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons  that
predicted the Tea Party and Trump

Small Populism Chart

Click to Enlarge this nifty chart on
Right-Wing Populism and the “Producerist” Narrative”

Building Human Rights Network

(Currently Under Construction but with topical search)

Major Introductory Overview Study:

The Ideological Roots of the Republican Party and its Shift to the Right in the 2016 Election

To successfully counter Trumpism, progressive organizers and organizations need to expose the ideologies behind the Trump campaign, and also show how they are rooted in
“mainstream” US society.

White Nationalism
Christian Nationalism

This study is by Alex DiBranco and Chip Berlet who are busy writing a chapter on this for Routledge Press,
so please respect the copyright.

Coming Soon:

  • Rugged Individualism  {in the queue}
  • Aggressive Militarism
  • Planetary Resource Exploitation



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